Preserve The Culture

Preserve The Culture objective to educate the masses about the Hip Hop Culture. The Hip Hop Culture originated with 4 elements (Breakdancing, Graffiti, Mcing, and Dejaying) but it has expanded since then.

The majority of Hip Hop Purist focus on the core tenets which include (Graffiti, Beatboxing ,Mcing, and Deejaying).

Whereas we consider Beatboxing the 5th element. Therefore, it’s included as a resource whenever we discuss the elements. It’s our mission to maintain the legacy of the Hip Hop Culture, bring awareness, and educate the next generation about this movement.

Therefore we have international events throughout the year where we showcase some of the best artists from their country that represent every element of the Hip Hop culture. If you are interested in advertising your business, becoming a sponsorship, or you want to become a participant please fill out our contact form.